UN Water Conference – Side Event V236: Water Sustainability by Water-Energy-Food nexus with multisector participation

Consórcio PCJ and partners will organize  a digital side event during the UN Water Conference 2023 about Water Sustainability theme. More details is available below:

Our partners:

  • UN Global Compact;
  • Municipality of Holambra (SP);
  • Municipality of Analândia (SP);
  • Sanasa-Campinas;
  • Petrobras – Replan,
  • The Coca-Cola Company Brazil,
  • Coca-Cola FEMSA,
  • CPFL Energy;
  • Klabin;
  • Water Governance Observatory (OGA-Brazil);
  • International Network Basin Organisms (INBO),
  • Brazilian Network Basin Organisms (REBOB);
  • Red Latinoamericana de Organismos de Cuenca (RELOC);
  • Water Agency PCJ;
  • PCJ Committees;
  • Federal Prosecution Service
  • Neighbor Association of Serra do Japi (SAB-Santa Clara)


This side event – in digital format – aims to discuss about the construction of water sustainability in the Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí River Basins (PCJ Basins), located in the interior of the State of São Paulo, one of the most important regions in Brazil, responsible for 7 % of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The economic and social development in this region faces challenges involving environmental issues, especially those related to water, since the region has water availability below that recommended by the UN, that is, less than 1000 m³ per inhabitant/year. The hydrographic basin management has a particularly multisectoral articulation, involving the public, private and civil society sectors. This articulation was fundamental to avoid the collapse of the water availability system through the years. However, the impacts of climate change are challenging the urban and rural areas. Extreme hydrological events are being noted more frequently and with higher intensity. The discussion of the effects and impacts are central for the debate for future water sustainability and sustainable development for the region. The side event will start from presentations of cases that are being carried out in the watershed, culminating in a broader debate on the contingency of the impacts of climate change, through the engagement of society with the goals of the 2030 Agenda. There are 8 projects to be presented in this side event. The projects actions are from the public and private partners with topics on reforestation, rural sanitation, reuse water market, forest conservation and environmental education. The municipalities of Holambra, Analândia, Klabin and Petrobras (Paulínia plant) work in the topics of forest recovery and rural sanitation; Sanasa Campinas and AEGEA, companies in the sanitation sector, are implementing the reuse water market. Coca-Cola Brasil, Coca-Cola FEMSA and SAB Santa Clara, together with Consórcio PCJ, are conserving the Serra do Japi, a fragmente of Atlantic Forest with many springs, whose flows are essential for future supply; CPFL Energia and ANEEL project is investing in environmental awareness about the rational use of water and electricity, though the Casa+Sustentável project, also in partnership with Consórcio PCJ. In addition, the actors included in the water resources and sanitation management systems of the PCJ Basins (Consórcio PCJ, ARES-PCJ, PCJ Basins Agency and PCJ Committees), will exchange experiences with national institutions (Prosecutor’s Office MPF, OGA-Brasil and REBOB) and international organizations (RELOB, INBO and the UN Global Compact), and will discuss how to achieve water sustainability, bearing in mind the impacts of climate change on the environmental, economic and social spheres, which may difficult the achievement of the Sustainable Development goals and the Agenda for Water Action Decade.

Registration is Open NOW!

This event will have interpretation from portuguese to english and english to portuguese.



21 mar 2023, 14:00 – 15:30 (New York Time) 16:oo – 17:30 (Brasília Time)

Programming (Schedule from New York)

Flávio Forti Stenico – Master of Ceremonies

2pm – Welcome and Opening

  • Mario Botion – Consórcio PCJ President
  • Francisco Lahóz – Executive Secretary of Consórcio PCJ
  • André Navarro – Executive Secretary of PCJ Committee

2:10pm – Introduction

  • Stéphanie Laronde – Director of Institutional & Technical Cooperation, International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)
  • Sérgio Razera – President of PCJ Agency
  • Rubens Filho – UN Global Compact

2:20pm – Cases
Mediator: Eduardo Paniguel Oliveira – Project Assistant of Consórcio PCJ

Part 1: Forest Recovering and Rural Sanitation

  • “Analândia Springs Project”, Analândia Citty case – Leandro Santárpio
  • Solutions based on nature for soil conservation: Holambra Citty case – Petrus Weels
  • “Sowing Water Project”, Petrobras/Replan – Deivid Migueleti
  • “Water consumption reduction in private sector”, Klabin Company – Evelin G. Prestes da Silva
  • “Water resilience and watershed health trough Collective Action – The “Olhos da Serra Project”, Coca-Cola Brazil and South Cone – Rodrigo Brito

Part 2: Reuse Water and New Technologies

  • “The market of Reuse Water”, Sanasa-Campinas and AEGEA – Manuelito Magalhães Jr.
  • “Many Challenges, many opportunities: New Technologies”, US General Consulate – Thales Demarchi
  • “The Sanitation Regulation in the PCJ Basins, ARES-PCJ – Dalto Favero Brochi

Part 3: Efficient Use of Energy and Water

  • “Sustainable House Project”, CPFL Energy – Renan Inácio Marcoantonio

Part 4: Networking between Basis Organisms and governments and civil society

  • “The Role of Judiciary in Water Management”, Federal Prosecution Service – Dr. Consuelo Yoshida
  • “The Importance of Networking of Basis to water and energy sustainability” – Brazilian Networking of Basis President, Lupercio Ziroldo Antônio
  • “Governance for water: The path to the decentralized water management”, Water Governance Observatory – Angelo Lima

3:25pm – Closing Panel

Our Commitments for Water, Consórcio PCJ – Andréa Borges and Murilo Sant’Anna

03:30pm – The End

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